Car Request Box

Car Request Box

Thursday, June 2, 2011

The Pro's and Con's of bidding in auctions.


You can get a vehicle for a fraction of the cost.
After winning you get the invoice right away, and the title is mailed to you in your name.
You set the price, You can work around your budget.
We carry all types of vehicles, From boats to RV's.
Auctions are online, You can be anywhere in the world to win a car.
You don't need to be at the live auction, You set your max bid and wait to see if you won.
You don't need good credit.
We accept all forms of payment for registration and deposits.


You have to put a $400 deposit in order to bid.
If not a pure sale, Your bid and be rejected.
Sometimes someone else likes that car a little more then you do and always outbids you.
Only way to pay for your car is with a Bank Wire Transfer.
If you win a car in a different state, You either have to pick it up or make shipping arrangements.
After winning, You have 2 days to pay in full, and 5 days to have the vehicle picked up.


  1. Good stuff, a friend of mine was looking to go to an auction I'll tell him this stuff.

  2. Interesting. Have you ever been to a police auction?

  3. Getting it cheaper is a big plus I'd say.

  4. YEa, good tips in here! thanks!

  5. Too long without an update.

  6. Wow..maybe try out local auctions such as police auctions?

  7. At the end of the day I think bidding online for auto stuff is always going to have a little bit more risk due to the fact that its a lot of money and not just some $20 ebay purchase. But at the same time, as you said, the pros are that you save a bucket load.

  8. Nice list. Thanks for bringing Auctions to me^^

  9. I think you are better than most mmmm

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